Who Is Nick?

  • July 18, 2018


    It's creepy seeing a gif that:

    1. It looks like you and
    2. Something someone might actually catching you doing

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  • July 04, 2018

    From gin to whiskey

    If, like Clay Shirky wrote, coming into the information age was like the gin craze before the industrial age, then we as a society needs to go to AA, because I think we traded Gin for whiskey.

  • July 02, 2018

    Journalists and Lawyers

    There are good lawyers & bad lawyers. But we still know they follow the law. The power is in the institutions and systems that make them.

    Journalists should be the same. The more I think about this, the more I like it.

    • Lawyers have a “bar” organization that oversee’s the overarching ethics of behaviour
    • Judges are external arbiters. Should an editor be the same?
    • There is an open system of archives.
    • Lawyers need to pass additional standards
    • Not being a lawyer doesn’t preclude you from participating, but you’re still not a “lawyer”
    • Law firms are legally set up in a specific way and can’t be set up otherwise
    • Lawyers buy into ownership/partnership, and therefore have several fiduciary duties to balance

    Have any more points to add?


  • June 30, 2018

    My Mind on Media

    I’ve always thought about media. Sometimes, maybe my thoughts are behind the times. Other times, I’m wondering who else in this world is having similar thoughts.

    Maybe it’s all because I recently finished Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death. Maybe it’s because of the topsy turviness happening all around us. Maybe, I haven’t found, yet, the one person who’s looking at, and talking about, media in the same context.

    Maybe if you know of someone you can let me know.


  • May 04, 2018

    Beckett, I am your father

    Life for me has changed forever, with the birth of my son, Beckett.

    My friend Sean recommended I journal the experience to take everything in. I think I just might.

    If I don’t post for a while, you now know why. Sleep deprivation, here we come.