1.5 is alive

Upgrade is complete. It’s taken a bit of tweaking, and playing but I’m now running WordPress 1.5. I think the biggest hurtle was my customized layout. Sure, the new version of the template system, is much more convenient to switch but, a pain if you have you’re own template. But, all in all, the features they’ve added are nice.

While I was at it, I made some other changes I wanted to as well. You might notice some changes, or you might not. Regardless, here is a run down of what might be different

  • Calendar: this is my biggest peeve, but, it’s personal. I like Sunday – Saturday calendars. Well, this one isn’t. They say it has something to do with mySQL. I’m looking into that so I can get it back the way I want it.
  • Sidebar: the sidebar has a different order.
  • Single View: the new template system allows me to have different layouts for a single post view. So I’ve used it.
  • Feeds: this was for fun. I’ve fixed the “more” and the “next page” in the feeds. I’ve also added in category links.

So that’s pretty much it. I’ve still got some minor things, like I just found out it doesn’t validate to XHTML, so I’m going to be working on that over the next little bit. But all in all, pretty good.