“It will be better”

O.K. So I’ve taken a bit and I’ve pretty much started from scratch. I’ve decided to build it again…but, give me 10 day’s and I make good progress. The code behind the scenes is a little cleaner. I’ve still got lot’s to go, but at this rate, I should hopefully have something to actually be proud of by the end of this month. Who knew a little financial pressure would be such a good motivator…..

Now, that all of that is said, i need some feedback. so if you could please answer this:

  • Which template do you like?
  • Does it make more sense to go right into the results rather then that first page?
  • Is it faster?
  • Could you navigate well?
  • Does the navigation even make sense?
  • Does the jump to form work?

I’ve got loads more questions but these are just a few I could think of. Again, please feel free to post you feedback in the comments.

Thank you!

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