Death Like My Neighbour

For those of us locked into only 60 channels of T.V. ( remember when there were 3? ) and especially in the
hick world of Canada, we are just starting to see the pleasures of Dead Like
. I saw the pilot on
Showcase the other day and then proceeded to rent most of the first season. There are several good things about the

  1. Great concept
  2. good scripts
  3. All the streets are Vancouver

Yup, good olde ( yes, with an e ) Vancouver. I was aware that Vancouver was becoming a nice little sci-fi
drama capital in the Television industry but lately everywhere I look, It’s Vancouver. And, unlike the
others, with this show, because it’s not supposed to be a planet far away, it makes the idea of Grim Reapers
among us all the more captivating. I find myself immersed just that little extra to say…”that guy died just
outside my office”

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