How does time fly?

It’s a simple and complicated question. Simple to the fact of asking; complex in the regards of answering. To each person time flies in different ways. For some, it’s a matter of mood. There are theories that when you are happiest time flies the quickest, yet I’ve heard the exact opposite from others. Some I’ve spoken with believe it to be a complete and utter random occurrence, and others believe that the perception of time is only a choice. So really, it’s all in how you see it. Time is a guideline that from the time of birth we are told exists. I think it’s like the hypothesis, that everyone sees the same colour differently. We all say that green is green, but if you could see using your friends’ brain, would green be purple? It’s the notion that our brains have adapted to its environment and to its lessons. Each body is different and so each brain controls it differently. It’s like driving a new car, it’s the same, you go from A to Z on wheels and in a straight line, but the interior and handling are always different…

Nuts (2018-02-21): I can’t seem to find the rest of this post. I’ll keep digging to find the other side of that ellipse

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