I forget sometimes that this should be fun

I was listening to Six Pixels of Separation #221, and then read Mitch’s 7 Things That Blogging Does – and then something connected with me. Something I realized that slips through the cracks every so often.

Blogging = Exhaust Valve. A great Blog is great because the Blogger actually cares and loves to create content. If it’s forced, if it’s your “job,” then the passion rarely comes through. The biggest lesson I have learned in my seven years of Blogging is that this Blog is my exhaust valve. After working a full day with clients and their many challenges, this Blog is my playground. It’s the place where I can let off some textual steam. Make your Blog your exhaust valve. Caution: be careful that you’re not Blogging simply to blow off angry steam. The steam and exhaust I am talking about is the pent up energy of passion that I have from doing what I love to do.

When life’s little pressures build up I shut down. What I should be doing is the exact opposite. I should write more. I should be free writing and puking up all that crap in the exhaust system, and putting it down on paper ( digital or other wise ).

But Why Don’t I?

Maybe it’s something about conservation of words. This idea that a word not seen by the outside world is a wasted jewel. But then again, am I really that arrogant and cocky?… don’t answer.

Not A Resolution

I have said many times in the past that I vow to change. But this isn’t a resolution or promise to myself. It’s more an interesting observation.

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