Sunday Check-In #6: Pressure Cooking

What happened between Jan 2 – Feb 8

What went well?

Still in a quasi-hiatus [ borderline what’s going well / not going well ]

I’m doing less, and catching up on TV. A little hibernation, so to speak. I’m enjoying the break. Taking more time for me, all that good touchy feely stuff.

But I’m at the tail end and starting to wonder, is this enjoying a break, creative rejuvenation or just flat out denial?

@nkempinski: If you ever find yourself exhausted for no apparent reason, you could be creatively spent. Take a nap, or 5.

@solutious: @nkempinski You’re totally right dude. Creativity should come with a warning about it’s soul-draining properties!

What didn’t go well?

Pressure Building

This is why I’m starting to question my hiatus. Because in my peripheral vision, I’m seeing these things pile up. And soon, if not handled will just explode.

An Example:
I’m supposed to find myself an internship by April 20. But got a few “no”’s. So did I let them roll off my back, and keep going? Hell no. Instead I haven’t called a single person.

All the while, “tick-tock-tick”

I’m waiting for the steam whistle.

Passion vs J-O-B

To start the week, I had a great [ that’s sarcasm ] conversation about money. It’s the bestest conversation for starving students to have [ drip more sarcasm ].

And so it came to the classic renaissance debate. Do I follow my passions [ All of them ] and trust that it will work out. Or, do I turn to a classic J-O-B?

[ But yes, I know I need $$ ]

I’m still torn, but in the meantime, the resume has been mailed out a couple of times.

What can I do better?

Relieve Some Steam

I have no clue how to do this. No suggestions, recommendations, no insights or quirky phrases. I’m at a loss.

[ Blink, Blink, Blink ]

And yet, I need to relieve some of the pressure building in the peripheral somehow. [ Or am I already? ]

Blog More

[ More peripheral pressure ] I know that this imperative. That when I look at the list of things I need to do, things I should do, things, I have to do. This is at the bottom.

And yet, it gnaws.

I’m chipper aren’t I? [ even more sarcasm ]

And done.