Redbull for your Creativity

I feel incredible! I needed to yell that out into the virtual world. Why? This weekend I had the pleasure of being a child again. I went to camp. Yes Camp. It was like an intense condensed summer camp. All thanks to those at Creative Toolbox for the experience.
The camp was called The Creative Camp Experience. and it live up to it’s name and more. It was a shmorgishborg of people with different knowledge and experiences, yet funnelled to the same goal of helping creativity.

I did things I didn’t think I could; talk to people I didn’t think I would; felt things I haven’t felt; remembered things that were locked away. It was beautiful. Everywhere I turned their were connections. The first night, I found out that one of the owners grew up in the same town as me, and graduated from the same high-school. That might not be so surprising if we were in Guelph, Ontario, however we were in Chilliwack, BC.

It helped me show that when I am tapping into my creativity, there are no coincidences or “chance” happenings. Somehow it all happens and turns out in a way you can’t explain. And along the way, there will be connections. There are a whack of meta-physical ways this could be explained. I’m not going to explain it like that. The best way is, “leap and the net will catch you”.

If you get the opportunity to go to a camp organized by Creative Toolbox, I strongly suggest you go, and enjoy!

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