Law of attraction skips ahead, again.

I understand the law of attraction, and without all the hippy dippy fluffery that surrounds it, it makes sense. You make your world in your mind and things start happening. You want a house — build it in your mind and you start seeing opportunities to make it real. Sci-fi should be a prime example of how a mind and collective mind have shaped our world from astronauts to cell phones to the internet.

While reading yet another book on it, The Passion Test, I get a feeling, that again, it skipped a core step.

What the fuck do I want to make with my mind?

It may be my own personal challenge. But that nugget, that core, that root, that single question confounds me every time. What I want, draws a blank. I don’t block or deny the rest of the process – I’ve lept and allowed the net to catch; I’ve done amazing things; I’ve completed things I knew were crazy. And then, once completed… what’s next?

[insert shrugging shoulders]