Moinmoin Days 20041117

No Pressure. Non, what-so-ever. Nope.

Oh man! This is a little on the tough side. I’m working on my project which will hopefully be a good thing. But I had a personal deadline of having it done 2 days ago! Sure the first day after I was a little upset, but now I’m really cheesed.

Deadlines are funny things. Especially when I’m the one making and meeting them. It’s tough on you’re own. How do we make and meet our own deadlines. I find it interesting that some are really good at it, and others, namely me, really suck at it. Where does it stem from? How do we meet them?

It all comes down to urgency. I’m not sure if it’s my past pressurized work place, but I don’t feel it anymore. I know it’s there, and as I look at the bank account and around at my life, I know I should have it but I don’t. I look at friends and family who do, and it comes down to the almost paralyzing feeling they get about urgency. They know it to the bone and it seems almost life and death. Which is what get’s them through and to it.

How do you engage a level of urgency to ones who don’t feel it or don’t want to? You can’t pretend it’s life and death when it’s not. You can’t pretend the world is going to be blown up to bits and pieces tomorrow when it isn’t. How do you light that kind of fire?