Moinmoin Days 20041125

I’ve been looking everywhere to see if I can find a decent theme for MoinMoin. I really like the functionality but you can definately tell that It’s build by programmers. I mean there aren’t any nice looking themes. Sure the MoinMoin site itself has the new modern theme, but is it available yet? No, of course not. It’s only going to be available in the newer version. But, still, it’s not going to do what I want. So, I’m here trying to figure out and learn not only python, but also try and figure out how to develop for MoinMoin’s architecture and framework.

I really should be working on my other projects but my own site is bugging me. Really it should resemble what I want to embody as an entity on the interbaun-baun. I mean, really, it should say I’ve done some design and a bit of programming.

But one step at a time. I’ve gotten this far with the style. Which surprisingly is better then others I’ve seen out there. Can anyone compete with this theme? Are there any other MoinMoin themes which you think could kick this ones design ass? Anyone, anyone? Buhler?