No more new leafs

It seems that my friend Daniel has made really good point about blogs and their owners,

I am willing to bet an amount of money proportionate to how important this really
is, that a greater percentage than the current divorce rate of blog entries are
not actually about anything worthwhile, but instead are rationalistic rants about
how, after some time has passed, the author of the blog has “got back on the
horse” and has decided that this time folks, from now on, he or she promises to
be good, to write in their blog every day, and that things have just been
“so hectic” that it’s hard to find the time to contribute.

And I must confess I am one of them. So here we are. I’m going to stop making
excuses. I’m going to blog when I blog, and do what I do. It’s easy for us to
tell us all of these excuses for the things we do and don’t do. Even just
reading his blog, I found myself trying to come-up with excuses in my mind, well
screw them. Screw all the excuses.