The Fast and the Furious

Time is speeding up faster then a sup’d up civic at an illegal street race with nitro injection. I’ve been working like a monster so that I’ve got all the loose ends tied off. I figure “go big before I go home”. Reason being, no one knows who’s going to fill my shoes. It seems that I’m so indispensable, that even when I put it all on the line, they (the infamous them) can’t seem to find a replacement. My question is, if I give 3 months, how long do you think it’s possible to find a replacement? Normally answer would be hopefully less then 3 months. Not at my work. I kinda feel bad because everyone around is freaking as to who the replacement will be, I tell them to call me boss.

This brings into play the whole idea of succession planning. At my work, they’ve got the beginnings going on, but I don’t think they’ve pushed it enough. I believe that every job requires succession planning. I might not be a team lead or manager, but guess what happens when I leave? Ask the people around me, if I should have been teaching peers or been a mentor? Succession planning isn’t for management only.