Sunday Check-In #2: The Week

Big changes in my life. Back to school. As Danielle put it I went from “60 to 0″ and now I’ve gone from 0 back to 60. Very disorienting. This is the kind of week which is why I wanted the check-in. [ What happened? ]

And based off of feedback, the asides stay, and the little links go.

So here we go

What happened between Jan 5 – Jan 11?

What went well?


Monday was the first day back at school. Loads of laughter and high fives [ I’m sure there were even few dabs or pounds, or whatever they call them these days [man age kicks in from time to time] ]. It’s a good feeling to be back doing something I love.

The Boss Man

The way our Radio program works is that you have class as well as run the radio station [ insert plug here: ]. Class in the morning, station in the afternoon.

We get our assignments as to which department [ on air, production, news, writing, sales, promotions ] and who’s the director of each department. We then work out the schedule for the next six weeks. I am the Program Director (PD) for the next two weeks [ the big kahuna, the big cheese, the fix it man, … ].

That’s a great thing.

Here’s the part where I explain a little more about being the PD. So far it’s the one job that uses every aspect of my talents. I’m thrilled and frustrated by it. I feel on top of the world and like a nobody. In a single day there is a roller-coaster [ mostly of things going the way they should followed by something going wrong causing complete and utter havoc. ]. It is amazing! And I’m never bored [ ay, there’s the rub ].

What didn’t go well?

Too Much

Perhaps here in lays the lesson of be careful what you wish for. Because being the one in charge has me on the rampage of meetings and fixing things and finding answers. Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m the web guy, and the designer guy? I keep my ear out for music, I help out sales, oh ya, and the PD also has a daily on-air show to do?!!?!!

Now where do I fit my life in? How about the blogging and keeping up on feeds and tweets?

On one hand, it’s all me. I’m pushing myself too much and too far [ I’m trying to be the ultimate warrior of radio ] On the other I’m going crazy because of it. I starting to feel at times there is no me only school.

Enter in my next point

No Balance

Well in retrospect, this one stands out like smashing my thumb with a hammer and dipping it in acid. [ Yup, that’s a sore thumb ].

I feel like I’m in constant catchup mode. And that’s not cool with me!

Were is the line? I’ve got school and career. I’ve got personal and “work” [ school and work are kinda interchangeable. I treat both the same ]

Ultimately my personal life is suffering. Which some might argue that short term pain is for long term gain. But if I don’t get my “me” time. I get very, very, very, cranky.

What can I do better?

Have some lunch

I think something simple like walking away in the middle of the day would be good. If I think about it, I don’t do this often. Actually, I think in the week I only did this once.

I need to walk away. For 30 minutes to a full hour. Just not to do it. To relax. To chill. To max and relax. Plus if I don’t, how will I sound on air?

There is something rejuvenating about a real break. And I need more of them!

Go Home

Along with Lunch, I need to walk away at 5:00pm. I can’t be going until 6:00pm or 7:00pm. No matter how much I do, there is always more to do the next day.

Hi I’m Nick Kempinski and I’m a workaholic

[ FYI: being a workaholic has never really happened to me before, but I guess that would go under good thing, because it’s proof that I have passion ]

And done.