Sunday Check-In #3: WTF??

Holy Crap! It’s Sunday again! Time to check-in.

How does it help me?

  • I get wrapped up in things. I forget to ask where I am. [ a massive red marker like check ]
  • I sometimes bounce-back too quick. I don’t register what I learned from the last thing.[ not so much this week ]
  • I forget what I’ve done. Because I’ve moved onto something else, I don’t look back.[ meh ]

This week I’ve been on a mission. I’m cutting to the point a lot quicker, so let’s get to it!

Sunday Check-In #3: WTF??

What happened between Jan 12 – Jan 1

What went well?


School, school, school, school

school, school, school!

Yup. That’s been the week. And it’s been awesome!

I’m running around like a mad man, sometimes not knowing where to go first. People come to me for help. I find out if people need help. I ask, I give, I receive. It’s amazing!

Being the Program Director [ a.k.a. The Boss ] is what I want to do [ note: I am not saying the only thing, or how long, the beauty of renaissance souls is this can change tomorrow ] . And for one more week, I get to do that in the safe and comfortable environment of school. I get to learn, and make mistakes.

What didn’t go well?

No Balance

What the….! Didn’t I talk about this last week? [Just a second … let me check … yup]

Still a problem.

That’s this thing about finding balance in a crazy time. You want time to do all the things you want BUT you need time to find out how to find time AND you have no time!

Viva la Revolution!

I’m surrounded by a small revolution at school. I’m waiting for sit in’s and protests signs. [“Hell no we won’t go!”, “Mandatory Stops Here!” and “I will fail and that’s o.k.”]Ya…bad.

And I’ve been asked to say something. [Um………?]

What can I do better

Get off the round-a-bout

I get caught up in the rat race, in the game of the world, and sometimes forget that it’s all my choice to be in it.

I bought the ticket and stepped on.

The reason I have no time, is that I don’t want the time or I have different priorities with my time. I’m the one choosing to do all these things at school and at the station. No one is forcing me.

Plus looky here [gasp! awe! shock!] I’m finding a couple of hours to do a sunday check-in. How is that possible!? [ thick like peanut butter sarcasm is always lost in the written word. you may have only seen a thin amount, but I assure you, it’s dripping ]

When in doubt wait longer

I don’t have to do anything right now. I can wait. If “um” is my answer, perhaps it’s a sign that I don’t have one right now.

Sometimes there is no reason to force and answer.

Our brains are incredible. Little super computers that process things quietly in our subconscious. Sometimes we forget that we need to trust it.

Sometimes about the “tick, tock, tick” forces our hand

But stop! breath! take your time!

If my mind is saying nothing [blink blink] or “Um….” the I have no answer. And so I will wait longer.

And done.