Sunday Check-In #4: Off = “blah”

An interesting piece of check-in…. And interesting week?? The check-in should help…right?

How does it help me?

  • I get wrapped up in things. I forget to ask where I am.
  • I sometimes bounce-back too quick. I don’t register what I learned from the last thing.
  • I forget what I’ve done. Because I’ve moved onto something else, I don’t look back.
  • new!: None of the above!
  • new!: All of the above!

Sunday Check-In #4: Off = “blah”

What happened between Jan 19 – Jan 2

What went well?

There are times, when that is a really good question. What went well? [ playing on repeat in my mind ] And so I sit, and stare off. Meditate. Squirm. Fidget. Procrastinate and maybe take a few more sips of coffee. And still nothing comes to mind.

Something has got to have gone well!

Ahha….got it!

Living and learning

This week was a week of lessons. It was a week of realizations of what I wasn’t doing. Of what I was missing [ hind sight = 20/20 kinda stuff ].

So, the “what went well” portion, at least for this week, is under “what didn’t go well” and “what can I do better”.

Does that mean that this week really sucked?

My week did not suck

It could have been a week of horrors. And although nothing in particular stands out as “well”, nothing particularly stands out as “sucking” either. So, in that regard, not bad!

What didn’t go well?

If nothing stood out as “sucking” why force looking at what “didn’t go well”, why not skip it all together?

Reason : These are the lessons. The things that could have gone better.
Reason #2: The week hasn’t been that bad……no sucking, curl up in a ball and hide, paralizing traumas. More like “blah”.

A series of off days

I’ve been noticing pockets were I have no sense of humour. By Tuesday, something was “off”. I realized that I was wearing CranyPants and that I’d been wearing them for too long.

And so the next step I thought was to get rid of them. But no luck. Victoria helped me look at it another way.

@nkempinski: When you have an off day, how do you get back on the right foot?

@victoriashmoria: @nkempinski I find that *not trying* to get back on track has the highest success rate.Kicking and screaming don’t fix it.Give in for a bit.

@nkempinski: @victoriashmoria It’s was a challenge when I was on air and the mic was on. But, once the mic was off … much easier.

And so I just accepted it for the rest of the week. No struggles. I just gave in. It even inspired part of my next show.

I also went around and warned everyone that I was off, and that I may not be my chipper funny self. They all took it well…I think.

A series of mad scrambles

Until Friday, every day was a mad scramble. My on-air shift, my homework, my assignments. I didn’t fail anything, which is a good thing. But I didn’t come close to my normal standards either.

teacher: Nick, I think I see your direction, but the rationale in your proposal was a tad thin and consisted of just a couple of sentences…I get the impression you didn’t spend much time on this…10/20

me: Yes, it’s true, I slapped it together at the last minute…I knew it would need a lot more thought. I’m going to send you a more thorough proposal by Friday.

What can I do better

[ Are these unconnected? I think not ]

Stay Connected

For the past 2 weeks, my job was to be the Program Director. [ the big kahuna, the big cheese, the dude in charge, the fix it man, etc… ] However, I was also, on-air from 12-3:30pm.

When I came out of my show, hardly anyone was left at the station.

And so I couldn’t do the rounds. I couldn’t hear peoples stories, find out how their day way. If I couldn’t find out their problems, how was I going to make tomorrow better for them? How was I going to do my job?

I couldn’t.

And then I realized…

Part of what I do is listen. I love listening to stories from others. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I help. Sometimes listening is helping.

This is one of those things I do naturally. It doesn’t matter if it’s part of my job or not. Part of my “off”, was I wasn’t listening to people. Talking with people.

I was isolated.

I need people.

Stay Inspired

I made an observation yesterday that was interesting.

@nkempinski: Odd… Somewhere along the line I stopped watching TED videos. My blogging stopped ’round the same time. Is that a coincidence? Hmmm.

In my mad scramble I’ve stopped taking things in. I’m way behind on reading blogs, or tweets. I’m way behind in all those little things I could do over the holidays.

And when I did watch/read/hear them, I was starting to “feel” connected. I was starting to “feel” like I was doing something.

This could be part of “Staying connected” the stories I listen to inspire me. No matter if they are stories of walking your dog. Stories I’ve heard before. Stories I’ve read before. Stories that have no ending [ “And so…………..” ].

When I’m listening, I’m inspired.

When I’m not…..

a bit of a roller coaster week. Even the check-in feels odd. Nothing close to what I expected. No matter….

And Done.