Tisk Tisk Me

You know that sound your mother used to make as she waved her finger back and forth “Tisk, Tisk”. Well my metaphoric mother is doing that to me right now. Here I am, trying to share information and it’s been too long scion I’ve posted. I guess you could say I fell off the wagon, but did I really. I might not have posted it, but since my last post I had the pleasure of reading “Values Shift” by John B. Izzo and Pam Withers. It was on or local chapters Company of Friends, and like always I didn’t really notice it until afterwards. And I thought hey…why not. WOW! I don’t normally do the all caps thing but WOW!

Here I was thinking that me going off to start my own business and make a difference in the world was a minority, but as I’m reading, I’m seeing so much in me in this book. As a man who cradles both generation X and Y ( X ending 1977 and Y starting 1978, with me December 77 ) I’m finding that my values aren’t of my parents and it’s because of them that it’s not. Seeing what they went through for me, deciding “no” that’s not going to be me.

The sad thing, is how many companies will actually take the serious call of the boomers leaving. It’s like the changing of the guards on a mass scale, but what if there is no guard behind you? I find I’m asking myself some serious questions and wondering, What’s the world going to look like when Generation X is those fat cat’s pulling the strings, how bout Generation Y?