What to say?

My internet presence has been quiet, but don’t let that fool you to believe I’ve been doing nothing. Quite the opposite.

This duality has me thinking about the increase in concern about web pressence. People are watching, and I think because of Facebook, it’s becoming obvious.

The Link, BCIT’s campus magazine released an interesting article about Facebook’s involvement as a catalyst to and investigation by Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day into the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). Several CBSA recruits posted “compromising images and questionable statements”.

However, I wonder if they posted comments on myspace, if it would be as big of a deal.

Dannah Boyd, a leader in internet sociology, posted a postulation about class systems online. In specific divisions through Facebook and MySpace.

Myspace is the fringe, where Facebooks Harvard history, garners a more affluent demographic. Her article makes some interesting theories and statements. I recommend the read.

What that means is a CEO that might otherwise not be involved in Myspace, might be more apt to be on Facebook. And as a result, you’re profile could be visible. So, a bender between friends, could be embarrassing pictures your bosses boss would see. An offhand comment between friends, could be grounds for dismissal.

This isn’t to make paranoia. Not all corporations as looking over your shoulder, however the more “affluent” or “main-steam” these social sites become, the more like the real world it is. The same rules apply.

If you wouldn’t yell it in a crowd of people … don’t say it on the internet.

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