Stepping into the Media

There is an interesting aspect of my new radio life which was raised and addressed by one of my instructors. No longer are we targets of the media, now we need to take a step out and become part of it.

We are being asked to look at news and media in new and very critical ways. Not just advertisements, but announcing and news. How are the words we hear in the media spoken. What are the messages between breathes? As many actors are aware – there is a lot of work and preparation to make someone else’s words, natural and your own.

One of the tasks we are asked is to become sponges and read / watch and listen to news. I myself am not a big fan of the news in the first place, so this study will be quite an interesting experience. Maybe in this time, I’ll be able to put words as to why I’m not connected with the news. Who knows, with the right work, I could make a difference in it.

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