What’s In A Name #2: your power

After posting What’s in a name I read today this gem from Seth: What’s your super power?

He reflects on the old comic when lesser superheroes would spout out their power in the first few seconds of talking. This set the stage.

When you meet someone, you need to have a super power. If you don’t, you’re just another handshake. Don’t say, “Hi, I’m Don, I’m from Cleveland.” Instead, try, “Hi, I’m Don, I tell stories that spread.” It’s not about touting yourself or coming on too strong. It’s about making the introduction meaningful. If I don’t know your superpower, then I don’t know how you can help me (or I can help you).

But how does this reflect for Renaissance folk? “Hi I’m Nick and I’m a poet, designer, database consultant, web programmer, radio broadcaster, I’m a problem solver, and troubleshooter. I’m an idea man and big picture thinker….”

um…. maybe not so much

“Hi I’m Nick and I’m a Renaissance man”

maybe a little generic? [ I’ll think about this some more, maybe try out a few out loud. In a mirror? ]

Now, Superman doesn’t need do it, but if he did:

“Hi I’m Superman and I run faster then a speeding bullet, leap tall building in a single bound, oh ya, I fly now. I can hear anything, have x-ray vision [ insert super sized breath ] shoot fire from my eyes, have a super big lung capacity which can blow you to the moon of freeze you cold, and… right, my skin is impenetrable. ”


“Hi, I’m Superman” [ His name really does say it all doesn’t it ]

So in the end…where are you with what’s in a name?