Who’s Tweeting?

You have 10 or more people all tweeting away on a single account, but to those watching are wondering “who’s the one clicking submit”.

It’s easy to add a quick signature to each post, i.e. “^NK”

But if I am a newer listener, or I’ve stumbled across you through a retweet, how am I going to decipher these signatures?

Stumble over to CBC Radio3’s @ShawHelp’s twitter, and you’ll see a great solution. Use the background image. It’s common practice to use the background image to post a logo in the corner, and putting a list of on air talent with their signatures makes it clear.

Remember, you don’t have the entire page.

Because computer screen sizes are different, and there is the twitter logo and tweets to fight against, I would keep the information in a 150px margin. And if you compare Radio 3’s background, I wouldn’t go any lower then theirs.

Update April 5, 2012: Look’s like CBC Radio 3 stopped doing it, but @ShawHelp does it.

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