The manifesto I didn’t submit

I was given the task of making a manifeto for class. There was one that fell under the guidlines, and one that didn’t. One that I wanted, and one that I didn’t. This is the one that I didn’t hand in, but the one I’ll use, just for me.

  1. The Same Rules Apply. New Technology isn’t a mystery, just a new medium. The same rules for interacting with people in the 19th century still apply.
  2. Dig for the root. Don’t take anything at face value. Always ask “why” or “where it came from”. If you can’t ask any further, then ask someone else.
  3. Nothing is new. Recognize that. Respect that.
  4. When you understand, you can overlook the details. Having a foundational understanding of why something is, will help you figure out the details later.
  5. Details are what set you apart. Everyone can have the same message, but what makes you stand out, are how you say it & more importantly why you say it.
  6. The most important words, are in the spaces. Between every word, your true nature slips out.
  7. Be a Tumbleweed. Learn to roll with things and look forward. Let the wind cary you, and don’t say no to the experience.
  8. Improv Rules. In the world of improvisation, the fastest way to kill a scene is to say “no”.
  9. When a baby falls down, it doesn’t get embarrassed. And neither should you. Mistakes are a fact of life, and when it happens, move on.
  10. If you show your skeletons, no one else can. Don’t be afraid of the past, show it with pride. Even more, show that you’ve learned from it.
  11. Sometimes the only one who knows there was a mistake is you. There are countless Jazz albums where a musician makes a mistake. To the average listener, they don’t hear it. To the trained listener, it adds wonder and flavor.
  12. Sharing is caring. Keep sharing with people. Wether it’s one person or a thousand people. Wether they share alike, wether they recognize you or not, they will always remember where they got something from. So will you.
  13. If you wouldn’t say it in a crowd, don’t say it. Online or over the airwaves, if your instinct is to whisper, or look over your shoulder, you are not the one who should be talking about it.
  14. Someone else can always say it better. Look for them. Give them the recognition they deserve.
  15. Shake hands and kiss babies. In everything you do, if you take the extra time to recognize someone, that charity will always come back. Do it wether you are on the clock or not.
  16. You have two ears and one mouth. Always listen twice as much as you talk.
  17. If you have nothing important to say, don’t say anything. If you can’t contribute to the conversation simply share the conversation. See Sharing is caring.
  18. Land it. Everything needs to have a point. Everything needs to have a solid ending. And if you get lost…babies fall down.
  19. When all else fails go back to the basics. It’s good to try new things, but when they don’t pan out, keep it simple.
  20. Less is more.
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