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Bye Bye Music Page

July 23, 2005 | 1 Minute Read

I like the idea of having pages in WordPress, although, I’m not seeing any traffic to these. Probably because according to the stats, most of you are reading through my various feeds. So, if you’ve had the pleasure of hearing my stuff, great. If not, then feel free to take a listen.

Note 2018-02-25: Links and source mp3s are missing. But I’ve outlined what’s missing. Hopefully I’ll be able to find these. I’d forgotten them too, and I’d like to here what I made.

Something A Little Funky

I like this little bass groove. It makes me dance. There is a section in it where I’m playing around, don’t worry you’ll here it


this is a little vocal track I played with when I first got Pro Tools. Yeah! I made it for my answering machine. Unfortunately it never made it because it’s too long for the answering machine message. Damn Telus!


A long time ago I had a program called Band-In-A-Box. It was pretty cool. You took a chord progression and it played the chart for you. It was great for making jazz charts. Too bad I can’t remember the progression for the life of me.

Nick’s Ballad

another take with Band-In-A-Box. Just a little on the slower side

My First Garage Band Song

What more can I say. I got Garage Band and this was the first song out the door.

Something A Little Mellow

I got myself I nice little midi-usb hook-up. And with some nice voices through Garage Band (yet again), I’m liking it.

Ode to Fight Club

I found a small voice clip from fight club. Thought it worked nicely.

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