Sunday Check-In #8: Ummm

Back in my first check-in I said that these check-ins help me because:

  • I get wrapped up in things. I forget to ask where I am.
  • I sometimes bounce-back too quick. I don’t register what I learned from the last thing.
  • I forget what I’ve done. Because I’ve moved onto something else, I don’t look back.

Well, this week it’s a mix of and #3. I’ve been sitting here for a while, and I can’t remember a thing. I can’t remember if it went well, or didn’t.

I guess in it’s own right, that means it went well.

Sunday Check-In #8: Ummm

What happened between Feb 16 – 22

It just was.

And Done.

Sunday Check-In #7: Doin’ It

What a roller coaster week. I’m not exactly too sure where to begin. Well, let’s just start and see where it leads

Sunday Check-In #7: Doin’ It

What happened between Feb 9 – 15

What went well?

Connecting with people

I’m finally getting the point of connecting with people. Better people, good people, passionate people. And if you want some revitalization in whatever it is that you want to do, find them!

Just do it

I had an Interview with Margaret Lobenstine. Why? Because I could. How did I do it? I just did.

I’m kinda getting used to just going for it. And in comparison to last week, this is a great improvement. Something that James said in his comment.

You say you need to relieve the pressure. That is, you need to fix something. Something is broken. So I’m going to challenge you on that very point: You need to relieve the pressure, is this true? Can you be absolutely sure that it’s true?

Can you think of examples from your life where the following are true: “I don’t need to relieve the pressure”, “I need to keep the pressure”, “I need more pressure”. And yes, this is totally me stealing Byron Katie’s ideas but they help me so I figure why not spread the help around a little.

And it was a help. Because when I look back at my life, I’m always adding more. If you don’t, there is no growth.

Margaret had mentioned in the interview, Renaissance Souls love the learning! Love the growing process!

And growth needs to come from adding something to something else. Whether that be, knowledge; whether that be muscle or simply air in a balloon.

How do you add something? How do you grow? You soak in the sun and you just do it.

Add pressure.

What didn’t go well?

When things get tight, there is this mixed bag of feelings. On one hand, it sucks. But at the same time, I’m always reminded of 2 quotes

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

This too shall pass

James mentioned that one too ]

Is this one of those times? I don’t know. I do know it’s a challenge.

Is this really not going well? Maybe not. Only the outcome will tell.

What can I do better


[ Oh the debate on which word to use…I say faith. ]

I think it’s all come down to a period of time, when I should “Just do it”. And in the end, have faith that it will work out.

And Done.

And thanks again James!

Sunday Check-In #6: Pressure Cooking

What happened between Jan 2 – Feb 8

What went well?

Still in a quasi-hiatus [ borderline what’s going well / not going well ]

I’m doing less, and catching up on TV. A little hibernation, so to speak. I’m enjoying the break. Taking more time for me, all that good touchy feely stuff.

But I’m at the tail end and starting to wonder, is this enjoying a break, creative rejuvenation or just flat out denial?

@nkempinski: If you ever find yourself exhausted for no apparent reason, you could be creatively spent. Take a nap, or 5.

@solutious: @nkempinski You’re totally right dude. Creativity should come with a warning about it’s soul-draining properties!

What didn’t go well?

Pressure Building

This is why I’m starting to question my hiatus. Because in my peripheral vision, I’m seeing these things pile up. And soon, if not handled will just explode.

An Example:
I’m supposed to find myself an internship by April 20. But got a few “no”’s. So did I let them roll off my back, and keep going? Hell no. Instead I haven’t called a single person.

All the while, “tick-tock-tick”

I’m waiting for the steam whistle.

Passion vs J-O-B

To start the week, I had a great [ that’s sarcasm ] conversation about money. It’s the bestest conversation for starving students to have [ drip more sarcasm ].

And so it came to the classic renaissance debate. Do I follow my passions [ All of them ] and trust that it will work out. Or, do I turn to a classic J-O-B?

[ But yes, I know I need $$ ]

I’m still torn, but in the meantime, the resume has been mailed out a couple of times.

What can I do better?

Relieve Some Steam

I have no clue how to do this. No suggestions, recommendations, no insights or quirky phrases. I’m at a loss.

[ Blink, Blink, Blink ]

And yet, I need to relieve some of the pressure building in the peripheral somehow. [ Or am I already? ]

Blog More

[ More peripheral pressure ] I know that this imperative. That when I look at the list of things I need to do, things I should do, things, I have to do. This is at the bottom.

And yet, it gnaws.

I’m chipper aren’t I? [ even more sarcasm ]

And done.

Sunday Check-In #5: A Big Breath

It’s a quickie. This was a quasi-forced-hiatus week. I’m sure there of loads of things I should have done; I’m sure there are loads of things I could say in my check in. But instead I decided it was a needed break. So short sweet and to the point.

Sunday Check-In #5: A Big Breath

What happened between Jan 26 – Feb 1

What went well?


This week was much more relaxing then last [ funny that I can say relaxing ]. I was able to get a bunch of work done, I was able to check up on how everyone was doing. And all in all, relaxed about it.

I could “breath”.

I even had a bit of a weekend. [ weird, I know ]

What didn’t go well?

A Bunch of “no”’s

In our program it’s Intern time. And so it’s time to hit the pavement and start making calls. “Hi my name is Nick, are you interested in an intern. Did I mention it was free?”

And soon I got my first two “No”’s. They were logical, and nothing personal. [ very well worded ] More like procedural problems, but “no” non the less.

I’m not crushed, I’ve been said “no” too before. But it still takes a second to shake it off and keep moving on.

What can I do better?

Are there weeks where you couldn’t do anything better? Are there weeks that I wonder “does it really matter?”.

The Low grade

Turns out I got my first very low grade. 50%.

But you know why I got it?

Because of priorities and exhaustion.

On one hand, is it something I could have done better? I’m sure I could have.

On the other, would it be worth the self torture to push myself that much further? No.

I think there are loads of times in life, that we hear that little crack in our brains. When we feel the break. But how many listen and stop to heal?

My first instinct was to not stop, to chug through, pull an all nighter, try and drip every bit of energy from my body to get it done. And then I realized, that If I had, where would the energy come from for the next week, or the week after that?

So, I could have done better on the grade. But in terms of protecting my own sanity and creativity. I think I made the best choice.

And Done