What’s In A Name #2: your power

After posting What’s in a name I read today this gem from Seth: What’s your super power?

He reflects on the old comic when lesser superheroes would spout out their power in the first few seconds of talking. This set the stage.

When you meet someone, you need to have a super power. If you don’t, you’re just another handshake. Don’t say, “Hi, I’m Don, I’m from Cleveland.” Instead, try, “Hi, I’m Don, I tell stories that spread.” It’s not about touting yourself or coming on too strong. It’s about making the introduction meaningful. If I don’t know your superpower, then I don’t know how you can help me (or I can help you).

But how does this reflect for Renaissance folk? “Hi I’m Nick and I’m a poet, designer, database consultant, web programmer, radio broadcaster, I’m a problem solver, and troubleshooter. I’m an idea man and big picture thinker….”

um…. maybe not so much

“Hi I’m Nick and I’m a Renaissance man”

maybe a little generic? [ I’ll think about this some more, maybe try out a few out loud. In a mirror? ]

Now, Superman doesn’t need do it, but if he did:

“Hi I’m Superman and I run faster then a speeding bullet, leap tall building in a single bound, oh ya, I fly now. I can hear anything, have x-ray vision [ insert super sized breath ] shoot fire from my eyes, have a super big lung capacity which can blow you to the moon of freeze you cold, and… right, my skin is impenetrable. ”


“Hi, I’m Superman” [ His name really does say it all doesn’t it ]

So in the end…where are you with what’s in a name?

Sunday Check-in #9, #10 AND #11: Where am I?

What happened between Feb 22 – March 15

Bye-bye Format [ for now … I think ]

First thing is first – screw the format. There is no what went well, what didn’t go well, and what can I do better. I may or may not bring it back.


It doesn’t always suit the check in.

Sometimes a ramble is what’s needed, and it might all be good, and it might all be bad. And as I’ve been told on more then one occasion, “that’s o.k.”

Something had to give

And that was blogging, twitter, nights out, conersing with people… all things social.

I was not a social butterfly. I had no energy to converse with folks [ though I wasn’t completely mute ], and when I needed to, I’m sure it wasn’t my captivating chipper self.

Most put up with it, and friends really came through and shined. And again I was told on more then one occasion, “that’s o.k.”

The crazy book

I forgot about a process I did when I was younger. I had a desk, and I would vandalize it [ it was mine…why not ]

I had scratches and marker all over the thing. When I wasn’t sure, or down, I would just draw on it. I called it my venting chest.

But it never made it out west with me.

So, now enter the crazy book…

It’s a large black book of empty blank paper. And on each page is layers of scratches and rambles. I let the pen run wild. And there are times when it’s fluid and bubble like. Other times like lightning and tornadoes.

I don’t sensor, I don’t judge, the hand just goes.

And the lessons come.

It reminds me of all those things I wanted to get done, but were pushed down so many times they almost drowned.

It shifts priorities. If something keeps cropping up, and I originally though it wasn’t a big deal…it becomes a big deal.

And to boot, when I’m done pouring out my guts onto paper, I feel better. I feel o.k. again.

A little escapism

To counteract my overwhelming feelings of the week, I realised that I went down the TV rabbit hole a little.

Picked up on all the shows I had missed, wanted to watch, never started.

But the nice thing was, I didn’t turn on my TV once. All online, all through the comuter and all at my convenience CTV and Space have it down. Hulu isn’t international friendly { I’m not even going to link to them, that how angry I am at that } ].

By golly I like it.

Was this good or bad? Neither. It’ o.k. I just needed some time to force myself to stop thinking, stop wallowing, and really take a break.

TV was just the tool to do it.

Body Break

I’ve written several times about trying to balance things when being a renaissance soul. When you aren’t, the world can crumble down like a deck of cards.

I’ve been playing 52 card pick-up. [ sometimes it feels like 520 card pick-up ]

My energy level has been low, I’ve been in a bit of pain, and very cranky. Why? It’s the physical part of balance. [ you know … the actual thing that does the real life balancing on two feet teetering your head on you neck, making sure you don’t fall flat on your face ]

My body is just screaming at me. [ always has … me and the body part of balance never got along ] And so I’ve been falling flat on my face [ figuratively and literally ]

And so we’ve been having a good talk: me and my body.

So, while I’m not going to do the diet things, and the calorie counting stuff, I am going to at least stock my cupboards and fridge with things that are G.I. friendly.

So, that way, no matter what I decide to slap together in a rush, I know that it’s o.k.

Anything else?

I’m sure there are loads of other things that happen. After all, it’s been 3 weeks. Internship hunts and interviews. Job seeking. Documentary organizing. And Future planning.

Nothing is ever stagnant, even though, at times, I want them to be.

End of line,
New command [ FYI: Battlestar next week should be awesome! ]

And Done

What’s in a name?

Branding is huge. In a world were we are asked to stand out, you need to find a niche, that makes us different. Radio stations do this, TV shows do this, Restaurants, and Pop Companies do this.

This brand is distinct, and unique. This brand is consistent.

Why am I thinking about this?

I recently had an enlightening experience. I was discussing with some industry folks about my future. In my bio I had three very different careers: Management, Production and On-Air. It was pointed out, that these are all very different from each-other. And was flat out asked “If you had tho choose, which one would it be?”

I answer “All of them.”

The conversation went quiet, and they moved on.

Who cares?

In my line of work, it’s all about finding a unique voice. A distinct topic. Finding one thing and hammering it home. Those that will survive, won’t be becuase of the medium they choose, but the message they deliver.

But if I’m dynamic, how do I choose which message?

How do you brand yourself if you are multi-faceted?

Option #1: Generic Title

In my case, I might choose to call myself a “Broadcaster” or “Media Guy”. Something very generic. Perhaps focus on the overlap between mediums. Focus on the missing conversations. Be a “big picture” guy.

Option #2: Depends on who’s asking

It’s all about context right? So – be diverse and if I’m at a party of Designers, I’m a designer. If I’m at a dinner with Radio – I’m in radio. I can choose from a number of hat’s and none would be wrong.

In blogs, and print – I just choose to find a publication that fits my new topic. And make a new blog.

Option #3: Don’t

Don’t give into the looks. Don’t give into the snickers and that “jack of all, master of none” quote. Just say “screw em’” and keep on doing what you love. No matter what it is.

Option #4: ?????

Got any others to share?

Pirate Radio

Pirate Radio is a problem for folks over in the UK. And it’s time to crack down. Pirate radio signals can override existing radio stations and emergency signals.

The one line that amused me the most reminded me of a drug deal:

Five people were arrested and officers seized thousands of pounds worth of broadcasting and musical equipment.

What does this say?

  1. Radio is still alive and making money, which is why Pirate Radio wants in the game
  2. Commercial Radio isn’t doing something…

Update: Sept 2015, Updated Image