So, Where’s The Wiki?

Well I thought it was time for another change. I’m always on the lookout for new things. I go back and forth from wiki to blog to wiki tp blog again. Well this time I think I’m going to stick with the blog, at least for my main stuff. Sure, I’m keeping the wiki, it’s just not at the beginning. I’m even giving it it’s own address soon (

Now there are countless reasons for me going back to the blog world, here are just a few of them

  1. Categories – categorizing isn’t that hard in the wiki format, it’s just for how I wanted my bliki to look and function. It would mean spending countless ours getting up to speed and trying to make the format and code work. Why do it when the wheel has already been invented.
  2. Layout – trying to get the layout in my head, online while keeping to the conforms and code of the wiki, well, it just wasn’t matching. Again, Why do it when the wheel has already been invented.
    Comments – sure with a wiki people can add their own comments, but it’s just not as nice as with blogging software.
  3. WordPress – enter wordpress. I’be been looking around for a blogging solution to what I want, plus one that’s expandable with my skills. Introducing WordPress. They seem to have it all, plus I can hosting it on my own hosting. Easy Peasy!

With the categorization I should be able to put more organization into whatever posts I’m doing. Who knows, with any time I might actually have some readership? Here’s a start to the new year!