Playing with values

Well thanks to Curt Rosengren and Steve Pavlina, I’m going to take Curt’s suggestion of play with Steve’s reminder of values and goals to create a play date for finding and assessing my values. I have goals set, but no values to help them out. I think I have an idea of why I’m having troubles with this independent venture. As Steve said in his article “If you fail to focus your energy on the goals that are truly important to you, some of them will slip away, and that’s a heavy price to pay.” To make things a little harder what happens when the goals you have complete conflict with the values? Well that’s what I’m hoping to find out today. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

A quick thought, organizations should go through this same process. Most big organizations and corporations have a way of creating and reviewing goals, but what happens when those goals conflict with the organizational values of the corporate culture? Probably not a good thing either.

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