No, unlike the title, this has nothing to do with those things that the gymnasts are using, although the connection is a good coincidence ( Go Canada! Well that my little shout of patronage). What I refer to is the women and men behind the music streaming. These streamers in my opinion are another crew at the forefront. They aren’t spouting off words like bloggers. They aren’t pushing boundaries with ideas that are verbal. Their word is not a word at all. I took a small hiatus from listening, but I’m back and I’m back 10 fold. My entire day is listening to sweet beats from SomaFM or dublab. It’s going to places like ShoutCast and finding all the wonderful and obscure sounds from around the world.

They help me. Their music inspires me, which inspires my work, which hopefully gets me closer to innovation. I’m not their yet, but I’m hoping to be. I can go from thick phat beats, micro-beats, ambient, to indy rock, and foreign sounds; to the sitar and tabla. It’s about finding your sound. I find I’ve got the right stream for the right mood, and they now that I’ve found a few, they always hit the feeling on the button. Even if I don’t feel it, just listening to the right one will change me.

I came across another blog with the same question I’m about to ask. (sorry if I could find the reference I would put it down). What streams do you listen to?