I am a spongy tumbleweed

Not going to give out too much details, mainly because with my financial situation I don’t want to be one of those who are dismissed from their job, but my new company got the hatchet. Somehow, I seemed to have come out the other end, unscathed and still alive. Through this little experience I’ve come to label the lessons of this year.

Last year, was my year of the snake. Regardless of the Chinese year or not, it was my year of the snake. it was my year of transformation and shedding skin. Time to learn and grown, and try new things. This year, hasn’t been that so much. I’ve been going through all this rocky terrain of emotional and financial ups and downs. So I realized, that this year is my year of the tumbleweed.

As for the spongy part, along the way, I need to learn and soak up information. I’m pretty sure the imagery captures it all.

I think this idea of one theme for your lessons is nice. Rather then coming up with a bunch of resolutions, come up with a theme, that way, you can use it hopefully to help you guide yourself through the year. Or, in my case, help the wind guide me.